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Not Everything About Me

I live in an alternate universe just parallel to your own. Here everything is the same, but just slightly off. This is a place where food is TV, drink is Movies, and my Blu-ray player is a midnight snack. A gentleman called Baron Von Criterion rules this land with a celluloid fist and every citizen carries their supplemental features with them at all times. Cinema Fantastica is the pinhole through which you can peer into this place that moves at 24 frames per second.

Ways people describe me: Husband. NYC Suburbanite. Lostie. Writer. Filmmaker. Reader of Books. Payroll Clerk. Adventurer. Toiler. Gardener. Cook. Steam Cleaner. Cat Owner. Yoga Practitioner. Former Smoker. ComicBook nerd. Orson Welles Fan. Takes Truffaut over Goddard any day.

If I could have Dinner with anyone?  Hitchcock, Welles, Truffaut, Lean, Anderson (Wes and Paul Thomas), Stan Lee, Nikola Tesla.  In reality I think only the Andersons would make it—

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