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A WIFE ALONE a film by Justin Reichman

June 17, 2014

A Wife AloneI go through these periods when I fall in love with independent film all over again.  I’m currently head over heels for a few films.  One of them is A Wife Alone.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching A Wife Alone,  and being a person that has spent some time on film sets I sometimes find myself jealous of the cheats committed by a  production in the name of budget, schedule, and practicality, especially when the cheats work and add something to the overall film.  What are these cheats you ask?

1. A limited number of locations –  After all, it costs money to keep moving a film crew around! 🙂 A Wife Alone, manages this very nicely though.  The primary location is a cabin in the woods, which allows for a human game of chess as the characters move around the board.  The locale allows for tension building and the seclusion needed to introduce the conflict.

2. A smaller cast than your typical studio film –  A Wife Alone features, for the majority of the film, four brilliant actors.  There is a definite Noir tone to the film, however it never presents itself as an overdone Whodunnit exploring a cast of unsavory suspects, Wife is more of a when-are-they-gonna-do-it?! – but in a good way as they build to a very satisfying ending.

3. A relatively unknown  cast – When you go to the movies to see a Brad Pitt film where he saves the world from Zombies, no matter how bad it gets, you can count on Brad still being counted amongst the living when the credits roll.  With an indie film, there is no such security.  All of the characters are fair game.  Getting out of the studio system provides the opportunity to make films which are not created by committee or focus groups who have filled our theaters with the same old formulaic celluloid which we’ve endured year after year.  Of course, a cast like this won’t remain unknown for long.  Catherine Curtin, for instance, is on the hit show Orange is the New Black, which I keep telling my wife “I’ll watch it. I’ll watch it. I promise.”

Independent film allows freedom to tell a story worth telling, freedom to feature characters that aren’t the most likeable ladies or fellows, freedom to be original.

The director , Justin Reichman, had this to say about “A Wife Alone”


The selfishness present in A Wife Alone is an expression of American drive. In making this film, I wanted to uncover the dark side of that determination. To that end, the characters are not all-together likeable and there is a sense of bleakness and a lack of true love. The characters epitomize the devilish side of capitalism and male dominance.

You can’t get much more Noir than that.

A Wife Alone is available on Video on Demand on various platforms now, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Click Here to see the Trailer



Available to watch now on these providers!


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