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More Zombie Tofu – The Blogging Dead!!!

February 12, 2013



I’ve talked about this in the past.  Zombies are simply filler within the stories they exist in.

As an antagonist, they’re crap because they have no desire, no motivation other than eating BRAINS, no ability to make a decision.  They simply exist within the landscape to increase the stakes for all the living characters.  Further, their existence allows us as an audience to be open to believing pretty much anything that we are presented with beyond zombies.

In the world of the Walking Dead motivations for the living have changed.  In your regular 21st century film, a person is motivated by money, a prize, a car, romance, etc.  In the Walking dead, the characters have been forced to resort to primal instincts and needs.  They desire Food, Clothing, Shelter, Water, and other humans they can trust.

These changing priorities in a zombie filled world have caused a shift in what society deems acceptable.

The people of Woodbury seem like nice folks.  They have flower boxes in front of their houses.  Their cars are clean, washed and waxed.  They have a swell protective wall and lookouts posted all around the town.  The only indicator that there is something remotely wrong with these people, is  the gladiator style matches in the abandoned warehouse.  But hey, there’s no American Idol or Survivor on TV.  The masses need their entertainment.

Lori Zombie in lovely formal attire

Lori Zombie in lovely formal attire

The drama of this episode kicks off with the malicious Governor declaring that the Dixon Bros. will fight to the death!  That in itself is pretty exciting.  But wait!  Let’s add some zombie tofu!  A handful of zombies are pushed in to the ring!  Now this is getting good!

Rick and his crew attempt to rescue Darryl!  Let’s add Zombies!

Let’s argue on the side of the road!  Add Zombies!

Let’s have a breakdown in front of everyone in the prison!  Add a zombie ghost wife in formal gown!

Look at those zombies over there!  Add more Zombies!

You get the point.  Just add Zombies.   At its core, the Walking dead is a melodramatic story of survival.  Every character has lost a loved one.  Every character has had a requisite woe is me moment. Every scene is life or death.  This story could be told without zombies though.  The danger could easily be wolves, vampires, aliens, cold, heat, or radiation.   The Walking Dead could simply be about the dregs of the human race fighting for survival.  I have to admit though; I prefer it with the addition of zombie tofu.

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