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Abbott & Costello Meet Anderson & Tarantino – The Blogging Dead!

October 27, 2012

The Super Ultimate 2012 Cast!

I’m embarrassed to reveal that I never saw Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein until last week. Dave Ebersol (@debersol) , A great writer, playwright, and graphic novelist, told me it was a part of his Halloween tradition, so I said “I should check this thing out.” So I did.

To make a long story short, it was frickin’ hilarious. There really isn’t much else to say.


Viewers today call the Joss Whedon film The Avengers a super-film, because it brought together lead characters from multiple film franchises. Well, I believe this might have been the original super film. Abbott and Costello were regarded as comic geniuses in their own time. Pairing them with Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney who had smash horror films made for an instant Hollywood Classic.

Thinking about this and the recent success of the Avengers, I wondered what a remake of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein might look like in the hands of some of the best directors working today, and this is what I came up with.

Paul Thomas Anderson cast:
Abbot – Philip Seymour Hoffmann
Costello – Adam Sandler
Dracula – Philip Baker Hall
Frankenstein – John C. Reilly
Wolfman – Luis Guzmann
Dr. Sandra Mornay – Julianne Moore

P.T.A. would tell a multi-layered story centering on their multiple lives intersecting on a dark and stormy night.

Quentin Tanantino cast:
Abbot – Uma Thurman
Costello – Bruce Willis Samuel Jackson (edit)
Dracula – Christoph Waltz
Frankenstein – John Travolta
Wolfman – Quentin Tanantino
Dr. Sandra Mornay – Tim Roth

Quentin’s interpretation would take place in down town LA, and remain true to the original, except for the drugs,gratuitous violence, long pointless snappy dialogue, and incessant vulgarity.

Judd Apatow cast
Abbot – James Franco
Costello – Seth Rogan
Dracula – Steve Carell
Frankenstein – Jason Segel
Wolfman – Paul Rudd
Dr. Sandra Mornay – Katherine Keener

The Apatow version would be really funny, but ultimately a sappy in the last five minutes.

Spielberg cast:
Abbot – Tom hanks
Costello- Tom Cruise
Dracula – Tom Cruise
Frankenstein- Tom Hanks
Wolfman – Leonardo DiCaprio
Dr. Sandra Mornay – A computer generated female, who would go on to marry Tom Cruise.

Spielberg’s will be GREAT, but a year later you’ll struggle to remember what it was about.

Muppet cast:
Abbot – Kermit
Costello – Fozzy
Dracula- The count
Frankenstein – Christian Bale
Wolfman – Animal
Dr. Sandra Mornay – Janice

Christian Bale will be all ‘method’ and declare that he’ll never work with Fozzy Bear ever again.

Wes Anderson Cast:
Abbot – Owen Wilson
Costello – Luke Wilson
Dracula – Gene Hackman
Frankenstein – Bill Murray
Wolfman – Kumar Pallana (Mr. Littlejeans/ Pagoda)
Dr. Sandra Mornay – Angelica Houston

Wes’ will have lots of zooming, New Wave inspired swish pans, and quirky quirkiness. It’ll win ALL the Oscars.

Let me know if you have any other Super Casts you can think of!

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  1. October 28, 2012 12:01 am

    Mary Scorsese cast:

    Abbot – Leonardo DiCaprio
    Costello – Joe Pesci
    Dracula – Rober De Niro
    Frankenstein – Ben Kingsley
    Wolfman – Jack Nicholson (he’s already done the role before, so why not?)
    Dr. Sandra Mornay – Sharon Stone

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