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Walking Dead Finale!!! (Spoiler free-ish) – The Blogging Dead!

March 18, 2012

Being Spoiler free means you’ll need to have watched the Walking Dead thus far in order to have any idea whatsoever what I am talking about.

So last week’s penultimate (god I hate that word) episode of AMC’s the Walking Dead, S2 Ep12 Better Angels,  was supposed to a game-changer (god I hate that phrase)…  Not so much.  What happened was entirely expected.  In fact it needed to happen.  Never mind that this game changing moment happened almost verbatim in the comic.  The real game changer was in the prior episode when the Jiminy Cricket of the group got eviscerated by a walker.  THAT was not from the source material.  It was so completely out of left field.  I have a conspiracy theory about that death.  I think it was an assassination.   Really.  I think it was.  The actor I’m referring to was not just the conscience of the characters within the narrative, but also a long time collaborator of the very first casualty of the season, former show-runner Frank Darabont.  I think this was their (The producers) attempt to completely remove his influence from the Walking Dead.  Which I still feel was a huge mistake.  Nothing this season has come close to the level of cinematic beauty of what Darabont did in the season 1 pilot, Days Gone By.  The show has been on a downward spiral ever since.  An amusing downward spiral, but never ever nearly as good as that first taste.

But I digress.

On the bright side (with regards to the death last week), this was one of the few times that this show moved forward in a very motivated and organic way.  Everything that happened, needed to happen.  The characters are where they need to be.  It’s just a shame that it took so long to get here.

It has taken 19 episodes to get the story to the point which it is at…  19 episodes is approximately 18 hours or so of showtime.  In the comics, the storyline is on about issue 12.  Each comic takes me about 10 minutes to read.  That is 120 minutes.  Two hours.  When you run that math, you could say that the show is really dragging its feet.  Let’s see what happens tomorrow.  I sort of hope something really crazy happens.  Like Rick getting bit.  If Rick died this show would get really interesting really fast.

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