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So… Pomplamoose

January 19, 2011

Last night I felt like William in Mallrats screaming “When do I get to see the sailboat!”  to the heavens.  Because, well,  I just sort of felt in a rut with my current mode of doing things on Cinema Fantastica…  I finished posting my little rant last night and it took me literally 45 seconds to find something to hold my attention.  I wandered over to twitter, where I follow the current, and awesome writer of Superman, Chris Roberson,  who said this:

“Checking out Pomplamoose‘s first live web show at”

My wife wasn’t home.  I was creatively tapped out.  I clicked it, and just might have stumbled onto the next big thing, completely interactive entertainment.

Pomplamoose, for those that don’t know what it is, is the boyfriend/ girlfriend band that was featured in all the quirky Holiday Hyundai commercials, Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn.

These pics might ring a bell:

They put on a really funny sort of variety show, from their friend’s house (because they ironically don’t have internet at theirs.)   They sang songs.  They fielded questions.  Most importantly, they kept your attention by switching to a new segment every two or so minutes, which is just about the collective attention span of the internet.  In fact I’m already bored with myself.  Some of their segments were called things like “Stuff we like in hats” and “Q and A Next Question Please.”

Here is a portion of the show from Youtube:

Beyond just catering to the short attentions spans of the internet, they showed off some really charismatic personalities.  They led an interactive show full of wit, fun, and music.  The audience size fluctuated impressively between 2500 and 2600 over the course of the show.

They are going to be doing this again next week, Tuesday January 25th at 6:30 pm California time.  Check it out.  Even if you don’t like it, hey you’re at home anyway.

After thinking about how far you can take interactive entertainment for a minute or two, I’ve realized I’d really like to just see a mutoscope or something now.

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