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Olly Moss’ Star Wars Posters – The Math

January 4, 2011

So the Internet nearly broke on Dec. 20th 2010 thanks to a boutique style art dealer called Mondo Tees out of Austin, Texas.  They released 400 sets of 3 posters (1200 total) which were re-imaginings of the Star Wars Trilogy by Briton Olly Moss who has a minimalist kind of street art thing going on.

These limited images sold out literally in seconds.

Mondo put them up for sale, and before they could even tweet about it, they SOLD OUT…

Why?  Is it a faulty distribution system?  Numerous people across the interwebs have offered various methods to make high demand items like this available, like Lotteries, in-club availability first, etc.  Is it a fault of their server?  Is it just that there are too many people who love Star Wars?  I think that’s it.  To many damn Star Wars fans.  What would be fair to all of these fans though?  There are 1200 posters available to the whole planet.  Lets break it down.

As of Dec. 30th at 8:58pm GMT there were 6,890,309,333 people on the planet.

Let’s suppose that 10% of these people are too young to give a crap what Star Wars even is…  This leaves us with 6,201,278,399.7 people.

We should subtract censored populations.

China has 1,330,044,605…

72,000,000 in Iran…

North Korea…  23,000,000.

We’ll just call that approximately 1.5 Trillion people.  (Wow that is a lot!)

Hold on, then we have to account for piracy.

I bet that half these censored people have seen Star Wars in an unmolested form, so I’m only going to subtract 750 Billion people, which leaves us with a number of  5,451,278,399.7 who have seen Star Wars, and as a result LOVE it, because, well, let’s be serious.  Who has seen these films and not loved them?

So, we have 5,451,278,399.7 people to consider.

There are four hundred sets of three posters.  So, twelve hundred posters.  Each poster is 24” X 36” or 864 sq. inches or for the metric people out there, 2194.6 cm.

If we were to take every one of the 1200 posters and lay them side by side to get the total surface area:

28800 inches (24” side) By 43200 inches (36” side) =  1,244,160,000 sq inches (or 3,160,166,400  cm)

It would look like this.

So now we are talking about 5,451,278,399.7 people and only 1,244,160,000 sq inches.

Any and all of these people would want one of these posters.

If we were to divide the posters up evenly, each person would only get .228232 sq. inches or 0.579709 sq. cm of one poster.

Is that fair?  To some of the angry people on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Blogs, etc. the answer is a resounding YES.

Or, should we allow the few hundred people in the world that were at the right place at the right time to just enjoy the beautiful pieces of art they were lucky enough to purchase?

Of course there are many copies on Ebay for enormously inflated prices now.  I saw one with a ‘Buy it now’ price of $2,200.00!  The original price was $150.00 for the set of three.

Thanks Founding Fathers! This is what happens in a Capitalist Geek World!!! – Just kidding.  Sort of.

Do you think I got one?….  I might never tell.

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