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The Best of 2010: Comics!

December 31, 2010

My Favorite Comics of 2010:

Cry For Justice Written by James Robinson – Spinning seamlessly out of Grant Morrison’s universe shattering cosmic opus Final Crisis, James Robinson tells a personal story of revenge that was worthy of a Clint Eastwood western. A group of heroes set out to enact true justice in the name of the recently murdered J’onn Jonzz, the Martian Manhunter. James Robinson’s writing was as moving as his Starman days as he tells a story eerily similar. Keep in mind, Starman began with a murder as well. Have I discovered a particular formula Robinson wanders back to? If I have, I don’t care, because he spins that good of a yarn.

Batman and Robin / The Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison – This doesn’t belong on this ‘best of 2010’ list. It belongs on a best of EVER list. Grant Morrison has been spinning this tale for what now, six years? I’ve always been a Batman fan, but grew up with the Frank Miller punching cops in the face Batman, and as a result often disliked when he strayed off into any sort of cosmic doings in the DC universe. Grant captured exactly what I didn’t like about this…. And made me like it, by presenting Batman as a mortal man standing up against gods, demigods, TIME, and death itself. Grant Morrison made me believe that Batman could outsmart death, the universe, and everyone in-between.

Nemesis by Mark Millar – Presents the story of the lone super villain in a world with no super heroes. This was a four-issue self-contained story, with a true beginning, middle and end, which is rare for a comic. After all Superman has gone on longer than any soap opera that ever existed…. Nemesis is a Batman-like character that is not one, but hundreds of steps ahead of the authorities. This is a fun and crazy story with a standard Millar ending that makes your jaw drop at the last two pages even as it perfectly sets up a sequel.

Morning Glories by Nick Spencer – Tells the story of Morning Glory Academy. All of the students are gifted in ways that have yet to be revealed. Further, they are being held there against their will, and will learn their lessons because their lives do depend on it. This is equal parts Twilight Zone, 90210, and 21 Jump Street. It sounds juvenile, but it really works. It is one of the few books I look forward to now.

DV8 Gods and Monsters by Brian Wood – What would you do if you had a ‘super power’ and were dropped onto pre-industrial Earth. You’d be worshipped as a god or feared as a monster. That is what this is about, and it is brilliant.

Just to show that I don’t like everything, here is a list of things that I’m angry to have spent money on:

Any of the Valiant/ Gold Key Titles Dark Horse relaunched, none of them work.

Any of the Marvel Shadowland Books. Daredevil got really cool for a while… then he wasn’t.

The Hulk books. I do not care who the Red Hulk is. Stop trying to make me give a rat’s a$$. ($$$$ signs for the ridiculous price increases for comics this year.)

The re-boot of Wonder Woman – The costume hype was ridiculous. Why did they mess with a good thing? She is an Icon. You don’t change an Icon. You might as well kill superman and replace him with a cool hip clone. Wait, what? They did that?

Happy New Year Folks!

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  1. January 3, 2011 6:40 am

    I’m not very familiar with Morning Glories – That’s another one for my 2011 to-read list 🙂

    Outside of comics, if I was to recommend one thing to read for 2011, it’d be Elizabeth Bowen’s collection of short stories – It’s a whole new experience of the English language in the form of nice short tales.

    I’m tempted to start sourcing some of the old (British) comic books I read as a child – I’m sure I still have some tucked away in the attic – I do miss them. However, something I’m really keen to resume collecting more regularly is stamps. The removal of the stamp from the envelope is the best process in the whole world!

    • January 3, 2011 7:22 am

      Morning glories is worthwhile. The 1st issue is $1.99 on the image comics reader from itunes.

      The stamp operation sounds pretty fascinating. I’ll keep an eye out for any good ones in the U.S. for you. There was a town I was in last summer in Illinois which was pretty much made up entirely of antique stores. Every store had baskets and baskets of old sent postcards and letters. I bet there were a few treasures.

      I’ll check the short stories too. Thanks! My wife is an author that writes primarily short fiction. I’ll ask her if I can share a few with you…

      Thanks for stopping by Roisin!

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