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What was on my TV in 2010

December 30, 2010

I like TV.  I really like good TV.  Here are some of my favorites from 2010.

The Walking Dead – (Y’all know I liked this here show.) I was worried that it wouldn’t live (unlive?) up to the comic, but this show delivered.  It gave us horror, regret, betrayal, re-united families, honor, southern charm and most of all ZOMBIES!

Smallville – The final season, so far, is doing a wonderful job of building to the introduction of Superman to the world.  Further, the most plausible resurrection story I’ve ever seen on TV happened to TWO characters this season!  Lex and his father Lionel both return to cause chaos just as the curtain falls!

Parenthood – A happy surprise.  Every time this show is on I wish I was a member of the Braverman Clan.

Lone Star – I watched the pilot to this show twice.  The first time I hated it.  I hated it so much!  The next day I was happy that I didn’t erase it from my DVR because I was still thinking about it.  I watched again and realized I hated it because I was upset with the main character.  He was such as nice guy in such a bad situation.  This was a show that could have been brilliant.  It could have been the underground hit that Veronica Mars was.

Raising Hope – This show is comedic brilliance.  It is the story of Jimmy, a 20 something man who had a one-night stand with a serial killer woman who then gives birth to baby Hope while on Death Row.  Jimmy, through trial and error, must now raise Hope as he realizes how insane his own upbringing was. The cast is perfect.  The scripts are wonderfully lighthearted.  This is what a sit-com is supposed to be.  I particularly love the episode where it is revealed that Burt, played by the versatile Garret Dillahunt, (He was an awesome terminator) has terrorized his son every year on Halloween because he believes that his son can only give him a sincere hug when scared half to death.

Fringe – This show broke on through to the other side and showed it to the audience!  The impossibilities are truly endless on Fringe.  People complained about the alternate storyline…. my retort to their complaints?  Shut up!  Lastly, the ‘Walternate’ nickname is brilliant.

Boardwalk Empire – Because you could smell the ocean when it was on TV.

Breaking Bad – Bryan Cranston is the biggest Bad Ass high school science teacher on TV today, and Aaron Paul is the best meth-head sidekick!  My favorite line of the last season? “Run!”

Community – In this brave new DVR/ Internet TV/ Zulu world this is the only show that I make sure I’m sitting in front of my TV at 8pm on Thursdays to watch as it airs.

LOST – Sniff – The best end to a TV show since Buffy.

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  1. December 31, 2010 5:18 am

    Wow…Smallville is still around? I’ve lost track of it since the the 3rdseason.

    I really am curious with the walking dead but it’s so unlikely it will be played here…I might the DVD one day.

    Indonesian TV is lacking US series now 😦
    I’m happy my high school days was filled with the amazing The X Files 🙂
    Right now, I’m enjoying Sherlock, a great miniseries from England. The best Sherlock Holmes I have ever seen.

    • December 31, 2010 10:40 am

      Smallville is one of those few shows that has gotten better with age. This season is actually the best yet. They’ve eliminated characters that grew stale and old and introduced superior ones as they years have gone by.

      I’ve downloaded Sherlock, but have yet to watch. Maybe this weekend?…

      Shame about the walking dead. What DVD region are you? Can your player read region 0 or 1 DVDs?

  2. December 31, 2010 10:54 am

    Looking forward to know what you think of Sherlock. as fan of the book, I was super satisfied with the miniseries. I didn’t watch robert downey’s version for he is NOT sherlock at all.

    Hehehe…when I say DVD, it’s going to be pirate DVD. I only bought original DVDs if I already know I will watch it over and over again in the future, such as The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, Sunshine, etc.

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