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The Blogging Dead – Monsters

October 21, 2010

The Walking Dead is coming up fast! Fear Fest is on AMC for the next two weeks leading up to Halloween. I can’t wait for serialized zombies!  Did I mention that my wife started reading the comics last week?  She is up to book six.

Alright.  I know.  Monsters.  Monsters is a thinking person’s character study of a monster film. It explores the idea that the world has been overrun by well — monsters. Its approach to the sub-genre was pretty fascinating. Rather than showcasing the actual horror of the attacks, we get to see the calm, surreal and often disturbing aftermath. This film latched to a primal fear that we as humans feel every time we turn off the lights — the unknown. Creatures are popping up all over the planet. Some are as big as skyscrapers. Others look like sea serpents that sailors claimed to have seen 600 years ago while bravely exploring uncharted seas and oceans.  It was really interesting to watch this interpretation of how mankind would adapt to — well — Monsters.

Coincidentally, while at NYCC, I had the pleasure of attending a panel hosted by the director of Monsters, Gareth Edwards. He was an inspiring sight, as he was so enthusiastic about showing his film to us.  He actually tried to show us, but was stopped by ‘the man,’ or actually ‘the woman,’ who was his boss from Magnolia Pictures.  It was really wonderful to listen to someone who is so proud of his work.  It made me want to leave and do something creative.  Rather than babble on about the film and panel, I’ll show you three clips that I shot (on my new Canon Powershot sX20 IS) of the Q and A.

The first clip focuses on Gareth’s Intentions when approaching a monster film.

This next clip addresses the script for Monsters, or actually the lack thereof, which was something that I can relate to while making a film…

This final clip refers to the rumored $15,000.00 mini-micro-budget that low-budget films seem to get made for.  It is pretty funny, because just days before I was watching Monsters and said to my friends “There is no way was this made for fifteen thousand.  I bet the camera cost fifteen thousand.”

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  1. paul permalink
    October 26, 2010 12:35 pm

    oh, you said there was no way this could have been made for 15,000 to your friends did ya? 😉

    • October 26, 2010 12:55 pm

      I totally did…… I might have played devil’s advocate as well, by pointing out the ridiculously low priced HD prosumer cameras that you can film on now. But I doubted that it was made for the mythical $15,000 Indie budget.

      The footage in this post was shot on a $300 HD Canon with no light in a dark auditorium with the on-board mic. Unfortunately, anyone can get a decent camera. Fortunately though, they can’t all make a good movie.

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