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Big Adventure Post: Honest Lawyers and Wooden Guns

August 7, 2010

Day 1 went well.  I began by going to the  Bank in  NJ.  A sweet little old lady was on her way into the branch.  I held the door.  She called me a gentleman.  It made me feel really content for about forty-five seconds. I reached the teller and asked about their deposit policies.  You see, I made a deposit the day before in anticipation of this trip.  The bank credited our account.  Then they debited for an amount exceeding the deposit by $200.00.  Then they re-credited.  Then debited again—  By the end of the four transactions $200.00 had mysteriously disappeared.  Huh?  They fixed it and blamed the mistake of computers.  Computers do not do things like this on their own.  If they do, then we put on a space suit and remove it’s logic board.

“Hello Rob, would you like to make a deposit?
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