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Death to the Tinman

July 13, 2010

"Bill's best friend was Paul Mermelstein, a disgraced engineer."

Death to the Tinman is a short film written and directed by Ray Tintori. It adapts the origin story of the Tin Man of Oz, created by L. Frank Baum, setting the tragic events against a surreal 1940’s evangelical Southern U.S.

(Click the images to get larger screen captures) The production of this film is something of complete and utter beauty, and it astounds me that it was an undergraduate thesis film. Tintori’s use of rear projection and his ability to tell a story through minimal dialogue is something to be admired. The soundtrack will remain in your head for hours, and in a good way. It is a comedy, a love story, an adaptation and more. I really don’t want to say more about this film. I’d rather you watch it. So here is one of the most mesmerizing short films I’ve ever seen. (In two parts, but don’t worry, It is short and it is fantastic.)

Part 1

Part 2

Ray Tintori is currently adapting Shane Jones’s novel Light Boxes. Spike Jonze is producing.

Want more on shorts? Check out Apryl’s article on shorts:

Thanks for watching and reading!

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  1. apryllee permalink
    July 14, 2010 1:53 pm

    I love this short so, so, so much.

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